Thursday, June 18, 2009


oo.. it's friday.. time to make money.. hahaha..
joking only la.. it should b time to give money.. haih..
my mah jong luck is not good..
let me share some experince with u guys..
dun ever blive those ppl who said tat they duno play mahjong..
those are lies.. i reli hate those chibais who said tat..
for those sohais who got lied will agree with me..
i was 1 of the sohais too... i got lied a chindian (chinese+indian)
she said she long time din play,said duno how to count 'fan'..
chibai... play 10 times, she won 9 & 1/2 times..
everytime eat 'baw' 1.. everytime oso got 3 'fei'.. puk*ma* betul...
lose until underwear oso drop ooo... 3hrs ald lose almost 50.. play 0.05-0.10 per'fan' only le..
haih.. now i scare to play with her jo..
hope later won't lose so much la..
'lou sai, can fong sui ma'... recently 'hou lan cham le'..
keep on like this i reli 'sik shar & chou le'....


  1. kam dou tuck?? Jus win u once and twice.. remember until now.. Jus the luck on my side that time.. hehe

  2. kinwah, last time is her place ma..home sure better de